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Exclusive to Academy Soccer Coach, our downloadable PDF coaching journals contain up to 25
sessions that have been created by our expert Premier League Academy coaches to develop their own players.

Proven at both elite and grassroots levels, the game-based drills are clearly illustrated and accompanied with easy-to-follow instructions.

At just £8 per Journal, they represent amazing value, enabling you to reduce the amount of time you spend planning your training sessions, as well as giving your players the best opportunity to learn and develop their playing abilities whilst still having fun!


1v1 Practice Games

£8.00 – Add to Basket

Our downloadable 1v1 Practice Games Journal features 25 different practice games that are relevant to all ages and levels of player.

Coaches should never neglect the importance of 1v1’s.

The simple reasoning is that even the best forward in the world is tackled sometimes and, likewise, even the best defender in the world is taken on and beaten.Therefore, footballers at all levels constantly need to work and develop their 1v1 skills.

Get your copy now and give your players the opportunity to develop and improve their 1v1 abilities and help them to come out on top.

Small-Sided Games

£8.00 – Add to Basket

Small-Sided Games or SSG’s provide the foundations for the Dutch’s world renowned style of play – “Total Football”.

This is one of our most popular journals, giving you 25 different small-sided games that follow the same methods and principals that are used to coach “Total Football” and are guaranteed to accelerate the learning and technical development of your players.

The games work with a range of players from 2v2, through to 6v6, with every single one being tried and tested with both grassroots juniors and elite players from top professional academies.

Each game is attack-focused and will help you to get your team playing creative and free-flowing football.

4v4 Games Part 1 Coaching Journal

£8.00 – Add to Basket

In this two-part manual you will find over 60 different 4v4 games that cover virtually every imaginable aspect of the game.

All have been tried and tested with both grassroots beginners and top youth players in professional academies.

The games will stimulate your players and lead them down a path of learning by revitalising the traditional 4v4 concept, enabling them all to develop in a fun and player-led environment.

4v4 Games Part 2 Coaching Journal

£8.00 – Add to Basket

In this two-part manual you will find over 60 different 4v4 games that cover virtually every imaginable aspect of the game.

All have been tried and tested with both grassroots beginners and top youth players in professional academies.

The games will stimulate your players and lead them down a path of learning by revitalising the traditional 4v4 concept, enabling them all to develop in a fun and player-led environment.

Build-Up & Multi-Finishing Drills Journal

£8.00 – Add to Basket

The sessions within this Journal will inspire the goal scoring instincts of your players whilst giving them different problems to solve.

The players have to play under pressure and react to different types of service, making choices with regards to which different techniques to use, as well as whether to shoot early or combine with a team-mate.

All the practices run quickly with sharp movements; there are no long ‘bus’ queues waiting to shoot and every player has a role and function to complete in order for the practices to run smoothly.

Possession Games Journal

£8.00 – Add to Basket

This is one of our most popular journals and features 30 different practice games that will develop your team’s ability to retain possession of the ball.

Suitable for all ages and levels, the games in this journal will teach your players how to:

Be comfortable in possession – how to create good angles of support
Retain possession to move the opposition and play forward
‘Rest’ with the ball and remain patient
‘Press’ effectively and regain possession when it is lost
Remember, you cannot score a goal without the ball and neither can your opponent.

Players and teams that have the ability to retain possession of the ball will enjoy a significant advantage over those that don’t.

Fun Games

£8.00 – Add to Basket

FUN…one of the key aspects of the game and an essential ingredient for every soccer training session or practice.

This downloadable Journal is packed with 30 different Fun Games that are guaranteed to keep you and your players smiling.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, they’re great for building team spirit, too, making this journal a valuable asset for any coach.





Our exclusive series of Tactical Formation E-Books provides you with unique tactical insights into the game’s most popular team formations.

Each E-Book comes fully illustrated with clear, easy to follow diagrams and jargon free descriptions that guide you through the Formation’s key tactical elements and explain step by step:

  • Areas of Strength/Areas of concern
  • Attacking tactical guidance/Defending tactical guidance
  • Player rotation into a new system of play
  • Key Coaching points to improve player understanding & movement

For any coach, the ability to adapt and change tactics effectively during a game is a key skill and valuable asset.

With our exclusive new series of Formation Bundles you’ll learn the key aspects of each formation to help develop your own expert tactical understanding and gain the insight into how best to use it against your opponents.

GK-4-3-3 (number 6) Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-4-3-3 (number 10) Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-4-4-2 Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-4-4-2 Diamond Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-3-4-3 Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-3-5-2 Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
GK-4-3-2-1 Xmas Tree Formation Bundle
£7.00 – Add to Basket
*Buy all 7 Bundles or the price of 5*
£35.00 – Add to Basket


Our Academy Football Sessions are 100% game-based and help to improve and accelerate the development of players of all ages and abilities across virtually every aspect of the modern game.

Developed by our team of expert Premier League Coaches, each session includes a Warm-Up and up to four Mini Practices that can be easily adapted to suit your needs. They come fully illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and clear, jargon-free instructions.

Delivered instantly via email in PDF format, you can simply print them off or even have them close to hand at training on your tablet or smartphone.

Priced at just £5 for five Sessions.

Bundle One

Quick play in and around the box
Passing and dribbling games
Movement to receive the ball
Creating space to shoot
Attacking combination play

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Two

Use the space behind the defenders
Turning to shoot or pass
Give your team mate an option
Developing disguise in your play
Activities practice

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Three

When to dribble, when to pass
Running with the ball
Reacting to the next ball finishing
Playing with your back to goal
Defending games

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Four

Teamwork communication and movement
Direct dribbling in the final 3rd
Continuous 1v1 games
2v1 “Choice” games
1v1 Disguise

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Five

Turning with & without the ball
Pass and communicate
Make your overload count
Direct play in the final 3rd
Attacking play

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Six

Running with the ball 2
Playing with your back to the goal 2
Multi-pitch 1v1
Defending in 3’s
1v1, 2v1, 3v2 games

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Seven

Multi-pitch small sided games
Keeping possession of the ball
Forward combination play
Attacking in 3’s
4v4 Random multi-pitch

£5.00 – Add to Basket
Bundle Eight

Beat the defender
Attacking in 2&’s
Attacking & defending in pairs
Attacking & defending 1v1

£5.00 – Add to Basket
* Buy all 8 Bundles for the price of 7.*

40 Academy Soccer Sessions – covering every aspect of the game.
Print off and take to training or view on your Blackberry / iphone.

Discounted Price of £35.00 (RRP £40.00)

£35.00 – Add to Basket


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What our clients say about us...

ASC is a great tool for me for the designing and storing of my session plans. Having my session library easily available on my iPad makes viewing and creating sessions on the move so easy, and ASC is a great help for my general day-to-day preparation.

Steve Bould
Assistant Manager Arsenal FC

ASC are a great partner, they have innovated the product frequently and the level of customer support is really exceptional and appreciated. In my role as Director of Coaching Education I owe a lot to ASC in making our lesson planning so easy to accomplish and importantly, to share as well.

Ian Barker
Director of Education, United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA)

We use Academy Soccer Coach and the easy to use Session Template software to put together our training programmes at the West Ham United Youth Academy and would recommend it to all professional soccer associations, clubs and coaches.

West-Ham-LogoTony Carr MBE
Former Academy Director West Ham United FC

We’ve been happily working with Academy Soccer Coach for 4 seasons now. The Academy has really benefitted from the daily use of session plans & player report forms created to our exact needs by the ASC team. They have excellent insight into player development and have worked very closely with us when understanding our requirements, this has meant we’ve constantly ended up with a quality product that our coaching team are able to put to good use in developing our young talent. I’ve been quick to recommend Academy Soccer Coach to colleagues in the industry and am always impressed to learn of their new products and developments.

368px-AFC_WimbledonJeremy Sauer
AFC Wimbledon - Academy Manager

At the IFA we find the Academy Soccer programme to be of great benefit to all our coaches. With the Women’s International squads the set pieces and team shapes and sessions are all planned using their Session Template software, Session Plans and Digital Coaching Forms.

Our coaches who enroll on our Coach Education courses are all encouraged to join Academy Soccer

It is so easy to follow and simple to use.

We would recommend it to everyone at all levels in football.

Northern_ireland_national_football_team_logoAlfie Wylie
National Women's Coach, Irish Football Association   

Academy Soccer Coach have been a great help to us at the Down's Syndrome Association with our DSActive programme. When we began devising a resource for coaching people with Down's Syndrome,  we hit a brick wall due to the current software available not meeting our specific needs. Finding the ASC software was a huge relief in terms of our bespoke needs. It has simple functionality and a price tag that is, in our opinion, is unbeatable.

DS Active Logo (2)Scott Pollington-Wood
DS Active The Down's Syndrome Association


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